Friday, March 19, 2010

Installing Oracle client on 64 bit Windows 2008

I'm moving our SharePoint environment into a VMWARE implementation that uses Windows 2008 64 bit. A lot of our custom web parts in SharePoint talk to Oracle version 10.4. So I installed the 64bit client and ODP.NET for Win2k8 64 bit, but my custom web parts were still unable to communicate with Oracle. I needed help.

I reached out to our architect group, and they helped me out. What they figured out was sort of weird. First they installed the Oracle 11 64 bit client. Then in a second oracle home, they installed the 32 bit ODP.NET for Oracle 11. The 64 bit ODP.NET for Oracle 11 does not work on Win2k8 64 bit. We also had to go to the Oracle 11 because that's what works with Visual Studio 2008 even though we were communicating with Oracle 10.4. Note that we had to put TNSNAMES.ora in both the home for the Oracle Client and

Now all my software is running on win2k8 64 bit. Yahooooo......

Here's a little more on the story. It's 2011 now and Oracle has finally released the 64 bit version of ODP.NET so you no longer need to do the 32 bi ODP.NET with the 64 bit Oracle client. Everything can be 64 bit now which is especially useful for those of you using SharePoint 2010. SP2010 requires that everything in it's stack be 64 bit so the trick mentioned above won't work for you sp2010 people.

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